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4 Tips On Feminine and Vaginal Health

Written by Rammy Streit


Posted on May 05 2022

Talking openly about feminine and vaginal health can feel a bit taboo. But once you realize that it’s just like any other health topic, you can let your guard down and feel a little more comfortable about sharing your experiences.


First things first, it’s important to understand your body, and discover what works best for you. If you notice sudden changes in your vaginal health, it may be a good idea to get a professional examination to make sure that everything is in balance.


Certain things can change your vaginal flora, such as perfumed or fragranced soaps, sexual intercourse, changes in hormones, and more. That’s why it’s imperative that you find a routine that keeps your lady parts healthy and happy. Continue reading to learn more about 4 helpful tips on feminine and vaginal health:


Visit Your Gyno


If you notice that you are enduring uncomfortable symptoms, and just can’t seem to get them under control on your own, it may be time to make an appointment with your gynecologist (OB-GYN). An OB-GYN is a doctor who specializes in pregnancy and female reproductive health. They can help you better understand feminine reproductive health and provide solutions when you are having trouble remedying an issue.


Gynecologists are experts at helping you deal with concerns regarding pregnancy, fertility, menstruation, and menopause. They can also screen you for cancer, treat infections, and perform surgeries within the urinary tract and pelvis.


Wear Breathable Fabrics


There is nothing worse than feeling trapped and sweaty in an outfit. Especially if you notice that most of your discomfort is stemming from in between your legs. It’s important that you opt for breathable fabrics that allow your lady parts to get good ventilation.

Natural fibers such as cotton are one of the best underwear fabrics to choose because it’s gentle on the skin. And, they are typically stretchy and comfortable! Another key feature of cotton is that it is absorbent.


Avoid Products Containing Fragrance


As mentioned above, not all body care products are created equal. There are many body wash and soap bar formulations that contain harsh chemicals and harmful

ingredients that wreak havoc on your precious feminine areas. It’s important to use a fragrance and perfume free product in the sensitive areas to avoid irritation, dryness, and an altered pH balance. Using products with minimal ingredients can prevent unwanted reactions and discomfort.


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