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Rammy, Dagny & AthenaRammy Streit, and her daughters Dagny and Athena, started Calm Me Company with a singular vision…to hand-craft richly-scented and luxurious-feeling products made only with the finest ingredients to deliver health and happiness to all who experience them. No chemical additives, no fillers, no gimmicks – nothing but clean, high-quality elements infused with care and love.

Rammy began her journey to create the Calm Me Company over a decade ago because she was unhappy with the products she was finding on the market. She had tried almost every brand in every category – from expensive famous names to budget white-labels – all without finding products that made her happy and satisfied. Whether it was candles that had a chemical smell (or no smell at all!) or lotions and face creams that clogged pores, caused rashes, left a greasy residue, etc., Rammy felt there had to be a better solution to the problems she was experiencing.

streits making candlesAs a hobby and family-bonding experience, Rammy, Dagny and Athena began to make candles, skincare and body care products with their own recipes. Tapping their creative energy, they would whip up candles, soaps, lotions and scrubs as birthday and holiday gifts for family, friends, teachers and others in their community, personalizing each batch to their favorite scents. Over time, the candles and body products became so popular that friends and friends of friends began asking for different products – unique candles, body sprays, deodorants, diffusers, etc. Always believing in the power of “yes”, they would meticulously research and experiment with each product until they were satisfied it met their high standards for quality.

Then the mission to create better products became personal when Athena began experiencing eczema as a pre-teen. A competitive soccer goalkeeper, Athena would get bad rashes on her hands, arms and legs from the sweat caused by her gear. At first, Rammy was using a lot of steroid cream to calm Athena’s skin. But as the problem persisted Rammy became more worried about the regular use of such strong medicine. Delving into the science, Rammy discovered the anti-inflammatory properties of colloidal gold which she mixed into her lotion. When Athena’s rashes began to ease and cool, Rammy knew she needed to include this powerfully calming ingredient in all of her skin products.

Bringing a Little Light to a Dark Time

In 2020, as the pandemic began taking hold, Rammy, Dagny and Athena began making more candles to send to people affected by the crisis with the goal of bringing a little light to a dark time. When Dagny, who volunteers at a senior living facility, was unable to work there due to health restrictions, the Streits decided to deliver candles to the residents and healthcare workers as a sign of their support. Because these gifts were so appreciated, they began sending candle packages to healthcare workers and hospitals across the country. As the requests for more candles and products grew, the Streit women decided it was finally time to chase a dream – starting a family-owned candles and cosmetics company to spread health and happiness around the world. Calm Me Company’s hope for every person who experiences their products is reflected in their motto: Relax with Us

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