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How To Prepare Your Skin For Spring Weather

Written by Rammy Streit


Posted on April 21 2022

Spring is finally here, and your skin may be loving the warmer weather already! But, many people don’t consider revamping their skincare routine based on the season. If you are still using your heavy, thick moisturizers from winter, you may experience increased oiliness and unwanted acne this time of year. This is because your skin isn’t going to absorb the rich product the same as it does in the colder months of the year. If you want to know how to best prepare your skin for the spring season, continue reading for some tips and tricks to get the job done!


Double Cleanse


Cleansing is probably the most important step within your skincare routine. Removing the build-up of dirt, debris, makeup, and dead skin cells allows your next round of skincare products to penetrate deeper into the skin so they can work their magic on your complexion. If you don’t cleanse efficiently before applying your serum or moisturizer, it can lead to clogged pores and excess oils.


So now you’re probably wondering, why would I cleanse my face a second time? This technique helps address your specific skin type and skincare goals, meaning that whatever formula you use next should have ingredients that hydrate, exfoliate, tighten, smooth, or treat acne depending on what you’re aiming for. Double cleansing also guarantees that whatever buildup was once there is no longer lingering on the skin.


Opt for Lightweight Moisturizers


Say bye-bye to those thick and heavy moisturizers, and hello to the lightweight ones instead! Spring brings more warmth and humidity to the skin, so it’s crucial that you don’t use a rich cream-based moisturizer that will leave an oily layer atop the skin’s surface. Rather, you should opt for a lightweight moisturizer such as a facial mist, hydration gel, or SPF moisturizer that will quickly absorb into the skin. You will love having soft, supple, and hydrated skin when you make this change to your Spring regimen!


Apply SPF


Since the sun is beaming and we are enjoying longer days outside, it’s imperative that you remember to apply a trusted SPF to your delicate skin! Many people choose to only apply SPF when they head to the beach or park; But, it’s essential to keep your skin protected from harmful UV rays anytime you go outside. A quick morning application

can help prevent the risk of skin cancer, protect against sunburns, combat signs of aging, and decrease your chance of hyperpigmentation. It’s a great addition to your Spring skincare regimen for overall healthy skin.


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