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Power 5000 (HVAC Compatible)

Introducing the Power 5000 Diffuser: Elevate Scenting to New Heights Experience scent diffusion at its finest with the Power 5000 Diffuser. Powered by advanced two-fluid atomization tech...


Description & Details

Introducing the Power 5000 Diffuser: Elevate Scenting to New Heights

Experience scent diffusion at its finest with the Power 5000 Diffuser. Powered by advanced two-fluid atomization technology, this remarkable diffuser produces ultra-fine mist particles, ensuring the even and long-lasting spread of captivating fragrances throughout your space.

Designed for large-scale commercial settings, this powerhouse diffuser features a built-in fan that accelerates fragrance dispersion, effortlessly covering an expansive area of 5,000 cubic meters. With the option to connect to your HVAC system, the mist diffusion becomes remarkably accurate and swift, creating a consistent and captivating scenting experience.

Versatility meets convenience with the Power 5000 Diffuser. Its stand-alone or wall-mounted design offers flexible installation options, adapting seamlessly to any environment. Take control with the user-friendly app, allowing you to adjust settings, schedule scenting sessions, and monitor fragrance levels at your fingertips.

Refilling is a breeze with the plug-in 1000ml aluminum fragrance oil bottle. Simply replenish the diffuser, and it's ready to continue infusing your space with delightful aromas. With a generous oil canister that holds 32 ounces of fragrance oil, this diffuser ensures long-lasting performance, extending your scenting journey for approximately 55 days (based on 8 hours of daily operation, 7 days a week).

Elevate your commercial space to new heights with captivating scents that leave a lasting impression. The Power 5000 delivers unparalleled precision, evenly dispersing fragrances to enhance customer experiences, boost employee morale, and create a remarkable ambiance that sets you apart.

Transform your environment into an inviting oasis of captivating aromas. Unleash the power of precise scenting with the Power 5000 Diffuser. Whether it's a hotel, spa, shopping mall, or corporate headquarters, immerse your visitors and clientele in an extraordinary sensory experience that will be remembered.

Don't miss out on this cutting-edge scenting solution. Order the Power 5000 Diffuser now and unlock a new level of precision and efficiency in scent diffusion. Maximize the impact of your space and create a lasting impression with mesmerizing fragrances that captivate the senses.

We provide these notes as a supplement to the manufacturer’s User Manual so you can experience longer-lasting enjoyment from your machine.  

Scenting Machines – Maintenance

  • We recommend only using high-quality fragrance oils in the machines.  While the manufacturer’s User Manual says it can be used with essential oils, please do NOT use essential oils – essential oils are unrefined and have debris which may clog or damage the machine.  
  • Store excess fragrance oils in cool, dry place.

Cleaning Instructions

  • Machines should be cleaned every 1-3 months depending on usage.  
  • To clean the machine, first turn off the machine for two minutes to allow the oil in the atomizer to drain back into the reservoir.  Second, drain the fragrance oil in the reservoir back into the original oil bottle.  Then fill the empty reservoir with a small amount of rubbing alcohol (which will loosen and buildup) and turn on the machine, letting it run for 5-10 minutes.  Then turn the machine off and dump the rubbing alcohol.  Finally refill the reservoir with fragrance oil and turn the machine on to enjoy the fragrance anew.
  • NEVER EVER use water and/or soap to clean the machines – it will irreparably damage the machines!!!  

Touch panel operation v. mobile app

  • We recommend only using the touch panel on the machine to operate it.  The touch panels are all easy to understand and customize, as well as adjust settings.  With regards to the app, we find it difficult to set-up, navigate and use.  If you decide to use the app, please be sure to set up and test the machine manually during the first usage.  

HVAC Compatible Models

  • For the scenting systems to work when attached to the HVAC system, the HVAC needs to be running for the air to push the scent out of the ducts and into the rooms.  Before installing the HVAC hoses, consider how often you will be running the HVAC system, especially in a residential space.
  • Please consider having a licensed HVAC contractor attach the system. 

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