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Business Consulting

Rammy Streit is a small business consultant who provides expert advice and guidance to small businesses in order to improve their operations, overcome challenges, and achieve their goals.  Rammy offers invaluable expertise and support to entrepreneurs and small business owners.  With a deep understanding of various industries and business functions, she provides customized solutions to address specific challenges and maximize opportunities. 

The benefits of working with Rammy are numerous. She brings a fresh and objective perspective, specialized knowledge and unbiased advice to the table. She can save time and resources by efficiently addressing problems and implementing effective solutions. Additionally, she acts as a mentor, empowering business owners with new skills and strategies to thrive in a competitive marketplace.

In summary, Rammy acts as a trusted advisor, assisting entrepreneurs and small business owners in various areas of their operations. By leveraging their expertise and experience, Rammy helps businesses overcome challenges, optimize performance, and achieve long-term success.


Master of Science:  Clinical Psychology

Master of Business Administration:  Northwestern University (Kellogg)

Majors:  Finance, Accounting, Management & Organization

Work Experience:  Adjunct Professor, Clinical Psychologist, Sales & Marketing, Investment Banking, Risk Management, Entrepreneur

Small Business Expertise:  Sourcing vessels and products off shore, international freight, LTL, operations, packaging, labels, graphic design, website design and platforms, POS, website domains, e-commerce, 3PL vs in-house fulfillment, manufacturing, product photography, videos, social media, marketing, blogs/newsletters, e-mail and SMS campaigns, Canva, trade shows, trade show logistics, corporate structure, trademark, UPC codes, mergers & acquisitions, insurance.